Their Story
Can John come over to my house?
No..First John sadly isn't real...second we hear Michael's wife frowns on house

Do Melissa Archer and Michael Easton have anything to do with this site?
Aside from inspiration, not a thing.

I want to write a letter and let them know I want more John and
Natalie do you know where to send it?
Everything you need, right here.

I lurk on Message Boards, but often I ask myself what are these people talking
about what the hell is a Nomace?
Your guide to Jolie speak.

I can't find the clip I want?
Let Blue know what you are looking for, and she will work her magic.

What did John get Natalie for Christmas 2005?
Please don't get us started.

Having an issue with the site or have something you want to submit?
A direct line to Me (as in me not him)

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