Fan Fic
Any OLTL characters mentioned in fan fictions belong to ABC/Disney and other owners and writers of the
show. But since they are misusing them, Hell  let's have some fun. Stories may not be posted anywhere else
except by the writer without permission. These fan fiction stories are not endorsed by the owners of this board
or ABC/Disney and it's subsidiaries.

While it is optional to leave feedback we believe that it encourages more people to write when they receive some.
If you like something about a story, let them know. If you dislike it, tell them why in a polite and constructive manner,
keeping in mind that people put themselves on the line to entertain you.
Wondering what WIP means?  Or who AU is? Questions, Questions , Here are a few

So you think you can write?  Well here are a few tips to help you out. Once you're story is complete drop me a  
line  with your title, a brief description, and your rating, and I will be more than happy to post it for all to
(hopefully) enjoy.

Now comes the fun part, choose wisely. Because sometimes there is no turning back.