Mama’s Guide to the Jolie Universe
Anvil  Obvious or heavy-handed writing that has no regard for the viewer's intelligence, Hitting
you over the head  much like Wile E. Coyote and his Acme Brand anvils.

ASH   The Angel Square Hotel  where John lives.. aka The Hovel

:  One who has his/her head up his ass, you know wearing said ass as a hat.

BloJob , J&B JoB, JoBlah,  John and Blair

BTW  By the Way

BSC!   Bat-Shit Crazy!

Cake (cakegate)…Just a joke that would take too long and sound too silly to explain…I will leave
it with…Everyone likes cake right?

DD   Daytime Dish, (Seventh Level of Hell) An anonymous MB. A cesspool of bitterness and
hate….always good for a laugh

ETA  Edited to add  used by people to show why they have edited their posts

FF  Fast Forward…or Farah Fath…but we will get to that.

GMAB  Give Me a Break, or GMAFB I bet you can guess what the F is for.

GMTA  Great Minds Think Alike

ICAM   I Couldn't Agree More

IDC   I Don't Care

IIRC:   If I Recall Correctly

ILY  I Love You………………which we waited FOREVER for…and still makes us puddles.

IMO  In My Opinion, IMHO - In My Humble Opinion, JMO Just My Opinion,
JMHO…you get it right?

IRL in real life

Jolie  John and Natalie……also known as McNat

Jarlie, Unclecest
  Jared and Natalie

Jarty, McMuerte, McMartyr     John and Marty (why..I really want to know why?)

KCK  Killing Club Killer Storyline…which gave us the Cheerleader BBQ  and The Pit…..We
love a good serial killer

Loons   Anyone's who’s delusions don’t match our delusions

LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off , ROTFLMAO rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

LOL  Laughing Out Loud

MBK  The Music Box Killer  Storyline (vintage Jolie)

Nomace  Whatever the hell is going on with (or has gone on with) John and Marty

ONS - One Night Stand…Or Dec 18th 2007....... or Nat/Brody hookup (May 21 2010)
which leads into our

OMG "OH My God"…or MOG….My OH God…mostly used when a smut Fan Fic leaves
you all jumbled.

OT  Off Topic…Or Oldtimefan (a Jolie poster)

PnL - Pointing and Laughing

POV  Point of View

RME - Rolling My Eyes

Sink Sex  Some  something something in a basement I think (I block it out) The beginning of the
Tri from hell

SID Soaps In Depth, SOD Soap Opera Digest , SOW Soap Opera Weekly…The

Snark Sarcastic commentary

SON Soap Opera Network

SORAS: Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. Used to explain when soap children to go
away to camp or boarding school or even just their bedroom one age, and come back ten years

TIIC The Idiots In Charge ..or TFIIC again you know what the F is for

TPTB the powers that be

Word Expression of wholehearted agreement, '80s-style

WTD  Who's the Daddy (best be John ;))

WTH? What The Hell????, or WTF? Again with the F.

The Names
MA  Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan)  
ME Michael Easton (John McBain)
RC  Ron Carlivati (Head Writer)
FV   Frank Valentini (Executive Producer)
BF    Brian Frons  (President, ABC Daytime)

The Rest of the Cast
EA  Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan)
BB   Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart)
KDP  Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)
SE Shenell Edmonds ( Destiny Evans)
MF Meghann Fahy (Hannah O'Connor)
FF   Farah Fath (Gigi Morasco)
DF   David Fumero (Cristian Vega)
DG David Gregory (Robert Ford)
SH  Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke)
BK  Brian Kerwin (Charlie Banks)
IK   Ilene Kristen (Roxanne Balsom)
JPL  John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex Balsom)
ML Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett)
FL Florencia Lozano (Téa Delgado)
KM Kelley Missal (Dani Rayburn)
LP Lenny Platt (Nate Salinger)
NR Nic Robuck (James Ford)
SR Sean Ringgold (Shaun Evans)
ES  Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson)
HBS  Hillary B. Smith (Nora Hanen)
TSJ  Trevor St. John (Todd Manning)
RS  Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord)
TS  Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)
JT  Jason Tam (Markko Rivera)
TT Terrell Tilford (Dr. Greg Evans)
GT Gina Tognoni (Kelly Cramer Buchanan)
BU  Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde)
JvD Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan)
MW  Matt Walton (Elijah Clarke)
TW Tuc Watkins (David Vickers)
BW  Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan/Tess)
RSW  Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan)