Character Bio from ABC      Snark   By  Cyn

Mother: Eve McBain
Father: Thomas McBain (deceased)
Sibling: Michael McBain
Nephew: Tommy McBain (adoptive)
Cousin: Shannon McBain
Significant Romantic Relationships: Caitlin Fitzgerald (we NEVER cared)  Natalie Vega,
Evangeline Williamson, Marty Saybrooke, Blair Cramer.

John McBain grew up in Atlantic City, the son of a cop and a lounge singer. When his father
died at an early age,
(Demon Number One)John was forced to help raise his younger brother,
Michael, while his mother worked to support them. Inspired by his father, John began a career in
law enforcement, eventually joining the FBI. He fell in love with a woman named Caitlin
NEVER cared)
,and the two planned to marry. At the time, John was investigating a serial killer
in New Jersey, and publicly taunted the killer at a press conference. Shortly afterward, the serial
killer (Stephen Haver) murdered Caitlin
(we NEVER cared)  out of revenge.  (Demon
Number Two)

John threw himself into his work. He came to Llanview in 2003 as part of an undercover operation
to arrest Flynn Laurence, a criminal who had his hand in many illegal operations. John infiltrated
Flynn's organization, and at Flynn's orders, traveled to Llanview to recruit Natalie Vega for an
upcoming tournament. John convinced Natalie to compete in a tournament in Las Vegas that Flynn
was overseeing. Flynn ordered John to have Natalie throw the game. Natalie refused, and Flynn
soon kidnapped her. John revealed his true identity as an FBI agent to Natalie's husband,
Cristian and the two worked together to rescue Natalie. However, Cristian was seemingly killed in
the process.

John returned to Llanview, where he was placed on the investigative team for the Music Box
murders, which seemed to be the work of a serial killer. John grew close with the Llanview PD staff,
and developed a friendship with Natalie, despite her initial resentment over his role in Cristian's
death. John was shocked to discover that the Music Box Killer was Stephen Haver, a man that
he had hired as a consultant on the case. He soon learned that Stephen was the same man
responsible for killing Caitlin
(we NEVER cared)   years earlier. When Stephen was arrested
for the serial murders he found another way to torment John. He planned his own death, and
framed John for his murder. John was arrested, but with the help of lawyer Evangeline Williamson
and cop friend Antonio Vega he was proven innocent. John thought he was free of Stephen
forever, but soon after he had a major health episode. It turned out Haver had poisoned
prescription pills John took periodically for a past injury, and nearly killed John in the process.
Natalie nursed John back to health and the two grew closer. It soon became clear their feelings for
each other went beyond friendship.

Kathryn Fitzgerald, Caitlin's
(we NEVER cared)   sister, came to town after being threatened
by the Santi crime family. John and Kathryn had previously worked together in the FBI and her
visit to Llanview caused even more friction for Natalie and John. Natalie misinterpreted their
closeness, and became involved with Paul Cramer, who Kathryn claimed had Santi ties. Together,
John and Kathryn confronted Paul on his involvement with the Santi's, and had him testify against
the thugs that were after her. Kathryn was now safe to leave Llanview, but before she left she
confessed to John that she always had feelings for him. John decided to maintain a professional
and platonic relationship with Kathryn, and did not pursue a romance. Natalie's involvement with
Paul, however, escalated when she followed him out to Atlantic City. While there Natalie realized
she still had strong feelings for John, who had followed the couple to Atlantic City. Natalie
decided to end things with Paul to explore her feelings for John. Natalie and John nearly
consummated their relationship, but Natalie put a stop to things when it became clear John was
not over the death of Caitlin.
(we NEVER cared)  

When Paul Cramer went missing and blood was found in his Atlantic City hotel room, Natalie was
a prime suspect. Kathryn came back to Llanview to investigate Paul's disappearance, and
questioned Natalie. John defended Natalie, and refused to believe she would have a hand in
killing Paul. John was right, as Paul soon showed up alive and well. Natalie and Paul picked things
up where they left off and John concentrated on the Santi investigation.

The Santi case turned personal for John when Kathryn Fitzgerald's body turned up in
Evangeline Williamson's office. Shortly after, a client of Evangeline's was murdered, and it turned
out both victims had ties to the Santi mob. John and Evangeline made a visit to the widow of her
client one night, and ended up trapped in her wine cellar. After a couple bottles of wine and some
conversation one thing lead to another, and John and Evangeline slept together. (In a Sink) Both
brushed it off as a one time thing, but their strong attraction developed into something more. When
Evangeline broke up with RJ, he reacted jealously by hiring some thugs to beat John up. John
paid RJ back when he busted an art heist RJ had planned. RJ had enlisted the help of Paul and
Rex Balsom, who had gotten Natalie to help them. John arrested all three, but decided to let
Natalie go.
(Cuz he loved her)Eventually, Natalie came to her senses and broke up with Paul,
and John did his best to assure Paul left her alone. When Paul was murdered, all evidence pointed
to Natalie as the killer, and John was forced to investigate. Natalie confided in him that Paul
attacked her on the night of his murder, but she was not responsible for his death. Later an
eyewitness and further evidence cleared Natalie of the murder.

John's relationship with Evangeline became strained when both found themselves on opposite
sides in the Tico Santi murder investigation. John believed Antonio was the top suspect, while
Evangeline agreed to be Antonio's attorney. Despite their different positions, the two agreed to
try not to let their personal lives interfere with their professional ones, and they grew closer.

John was stunned when Cristian returned to town very much alive. John quickly noticed a tortured
and violent side to Cristian, and warned Natalie he could be dangerous. Slowly he became
convinced that Cristian was not Cristian at all, and shared his suspicions with Natalie. Disbelieving,
Natalie agreed to a DNA test in order to prove John wrong. Before the results came in, Cristian
confessed to killing Tico and admitted to Natalie that he was an imposter. Natalie was devastated.
Cristian was sent to prison, but not before John received the DNA results---which revealed that
the imposter really was an amnesiac Cristian. (Did you get that FakeCris was in fact RealCris?)
To spare Natalie the pain of a husband imprisoned for life, Cristian asked John to keep the ruse
that he was an imposter, so Natalie could move on. John wrestled with the decision, and agreed,
letting Natalie believe her husband was dead. Despite this turmoil, John and Evangeline have
reaffirmed their commitment to each other, even though John's feelings for Natalie remain an
ambiguous and unresolved area in his life.
(You know…Cuz He LOVED her)

While spending time together, John read to Evangeline from Marcie Walsh's mystery novel, The
Killing Club. Right away, John discovered that two of the murders in the book were alarmingly
similar to two accidental deaths in Llanview. John began a thorough investigation of the case, and
was especially concerned when it seemed the killer was targeting Natalie after murdering a waitress
at the diner with a striking resemblance to Natalie.

John told Natalie he couldn't lose another person he loves (Yep told you) after her plan to trap
The Killing Club killer backfired. When Evangeline found out she was devastated, especially
since John had never been able to tell her he loves her. She confronted John, and he assured her
he was not in love with Natalie.
(Yes he was) However, Evangeline realized that he was not
committing to her the way that she needed. Evangeline decided to end their relationship.

Soon after, Natalie and Evangeline were kidnapped by the killer. John frantically searched for
them and tracked them down to the community center, where the killer had tied them to stakes and
set the kindlings below them on fire. Forced to choose who to save first, John saw Natalie
struggling with consciousness and went to her. After saving Natalie, he rescued Evangeline. While
John's back was turned, the killer took Natalie once again. Evangeline was hurt by John's choice
to save Natalie first,
(Cuz Loved HER) and saw it as affirmation that he always truly loved her.
John denied any deeper feeling motivation his action. Still, the feelings between John and
Evangeline remained powerful and unresolved.
(MMMM Kay if you say so)

John obsessively searched for Natalie. (yep cuz HE LOVED HER!!) After weeks of
searching, he found and rescued her. Natalie made a quick recovery, and she and John became a
true couple. However, John was haunted by the knowledge that Cristian was still alive. In prison,
Cristian discovered some possible evidence that could prove he was brainwashed into killing Tico.
Cristian hired Evangeline as his lawyer, and she became aware of the lie that John and Cristian
had spun. John promised to help Cristian prove his innocence, accepting that he'd have to tell
Natalie the truth about Cristian. John and Cristian were trapped in a riot at Statesville prison and
forced to work together to stop Carlo Hesser, the man behind the riot who wanted to kill them.
Thanks to a blurt from Evangeline, Natalie learned Cristian was alive and that John had kept the
truth from her. John and Cristian escaped the riot, captured Carlo and Cristian was freed.
Natalie, furious at John and Cristian for their deception, told the two she never wanted to see
them again.

The attraction between John and Natalie was undeniable. (Always has been) John became
obsessed with finding his father's killer, (Damn Demons) an unsolved case which haunted him for
years. Natalie was a support system to John as he searched for clues. John discovered that Bo's
girlfriend, Paige Miller, was the doctor responsible for botching his father's post-gunshot surgery.
Enraged, John made sure Paige was exposed. Shortly after, John discovered David Vickers
shot his father,
(But not with the gun that shot his father) and became convinced that
Spencer Truman, David's brother and Paige's ex-husband, covered it all up. John and Natalie
trailed David to Thailand, where they were shocked to discover Margaret Cochran, whom
everyone believed Todd Manning had killed, alive. The foursome raced to Llanview to stop
Todd's execution. Despite John's hopes that Margaret could implicate Spencer, she died
before she could reveal anything.

John remained determined to arrest Spencer for his father's death. John teamed up with Blair
Cramer, who was masquerading as Spencer's lover to get the goods on him. Together, they
managed to gain enough evidence to arrest Spencer---including finding
the gun that killed
John's father
. Spencer was arrested and a conviction looked likely. John felt at peace, and
looked forward to a future with Natalie.

Shortly after, John was in a terrible pile up on the highway. A burnt body was identified as John
based on the belongings found next to the body. In actuality, the burnt body was Hugh Hughes,
whom had mistakenly taken John's bag and was thus misidentified. John, burnt and unconscious,
was incorrectly identified as Hugh Hughes and lay in a coma. Vincent Jones, Hugh's old friend,
figured out the mix-up. Vincent told Natalie, who worked doggedly to prove John was Hugh. She
did and John (fresh from grafting surgery) was reunited with Natalie.

Things began to quickly sour with John and Natalie.
( Why I still would like to know WHY?)
His determination to leave the hospital often lead to clashes, as Natalie wanted John to play it
safe in order to ensure a full recovery. She went so far as to drug him with his medication after he
refused to take it because of its sedative effects. John's growing friendship with Marty
Saybrooke also caused tension.
(Because SHE SUCKED)

When Spencer Truman was killed, Natalie suspected John. He had the motive, was found at the
hospital shortly after the death dazed from his medicine (which made him act violent before) and
when Natalie used her job in the forensic training program to access the crime scene, she found a
fiber that could implicate John. So she removed it. When John---who didn't kill Spencerfound
out he was furious. It was made worse when Natalie confessed her crime to Bo before John could
tell him. Since John managed to find Spencer's killer, David Vickers, the repercussions of John's
actions with Natalie were minimal. But the damage was doneNatalie and John were growing
further apart. Both struggled to make things right, but the situation only got worse when Natalie
misinterpreted a situation and assumed John was going to propose to her. Pre-empting him, she
agreed. John was forced to tell her he wasn't going to ask her to marry him. Embarrassed and
realizing how much their relationship had changed, Natalie ended things with John amicably.
….Stupid Stupid Show