For the last four years, fans of One Life to Lives’ Melissa Archer and Michael
Easton  have collected over $18,000 in support of one of their favorite
charities, such as  the Los Angeles Mission and the National Wildlife
Federation.  This year we have chosen The Red Cross as our charity.  This
year all of the proceeds will be divided in support of the people of Japan, as
well as the American branch of  the Red Cross.

The need in Japan is great and will be for a long time to come.  There isn’t
going to be an easy fix.  So many are homeless and without basic
necessities.  This country came to our aid after Hurricane Katrina in a big
way and now is our chance to help them.

Currently in Japan about 430,000 people are staying in approximately 2,500
shelters operated by the Japanese government and supported by Japanese
Red Cross workers.
The American Red Cross has contributed an initial $10 million to its main
partner in the country - the Japanese Red Cross - to help with their medical
and relief activities. As pledges are fulfilled and additional donations
received, the American Red Cross plans to make additional commitments to
help the people affected by the earthquake, tsunami and evolving nuclear
We will run this campaign from now until October 1, 2011 which time we will
donate all collected funds.  You can also donate in two ways: directly via
And we have made it even more fun for you to donate.  You can visit our
YouLookPretty Store
filled with  One Life to Live, John and Natalie
merchandise.  100% of all of the proceeds from every sale will be donated
to the Red Cross.  So, you give, but you’re getting something as well.  What
better way to honor these two actors who have given us so much
enjoyment?  If you’re not interested in the merchandise, there is also a link
on our front page for you to just make a donation.  Any amount helps.

Please donate to help restore a way of life to the people of Japan, as well
as Americans who need the services of the Red Cross.  YouLookPretty and
Michael and Melissa thank you for your support.