Character Bio from ABC   Snark By Cyn

Mothers: Viki Davidson (biological), Roxanne Balsom (adoptive)
Father: Clint Buchanan (Not her dad)
Kevin Buchanan (half-brother), Joey Buchanan (half-brother), Jessica Buchanan (half-sister),
Megan Gordon (half-sister; deceased), Cord Roberts (half-brother), Rex Balsom (adoptive)
Grandmothers: Olympia Buchanan (deceased), Eugenia Lord (deceased), Stella (adoptive)
Grandfathers: Asa Buchanan (deceased), Victor Lord (deceased)
Nieces: Sarah Roberts, Megan Buchanan (deceased), Brennan Buchanan (deceased)
Nephews: Duke Buchanan (deceased), CJ Roberts
Uncles: Bo Buchanan, Tony Lord (deceased), Todd Manning, Ben Davidson (deceased), David Vickers
Aunts: Tina Clayton Lord, Meredith Lord Wolek (deceased)
Cousins: Matthew Rappaport, Drew Buchanan (deceased), Starr Manning, Jack Manning, Sarah Roberts,
CJ Roberts, Danny Wolek, Brian Kendall (deceased), Tommy McBain
Significant Romantic Relationships: Seth Anderson, Mitch Laurence (1st husband/annulled), Cristian
Vega (2nd husband/divorced), John McBain, Paul Cramer, Jared Banks

Natalie Vega was born to Clint and Viki Buchanan along with her half-sister, Jessica. Jessica's father, Mitch
Laurence (who had secretly raped Viki, information that did not get out for years), had no use for Natalie
(Clint's daughter) and shipped her off to live with his co-hort, Dr. Balsom. Balsom died and Natalie was left to
be raised by his widow, the alcoholic Roxanne, who paid little attention to Natalie or her son Rex. Rex was sent
away to live with his aunt at an early age. Natalie grew up believing Roxanne, who was neglectful and verbally
abusive, was really her mother. Viki and Clint, meanwhile, believed that Jessica was their only child (Clint wasn't
present for Natalie's birth, during which Viki had reverted to her other personality, Niki Smith).
(I know but we
love Nat so we love it)

Allison Perkins, a disciple of Mitch's who kidnapped the infant Jessica, contacted Natalie and told her the truth
about her parentage. Realizing everything she had been deprived of by not being raised as a Buchanan, Natalie
came to Llanview with her boyfriend Seth determined to get her share of the Buchanan fortune. She planned to
split her share of the money with Allison.

Natalie pretended to befriend Jessica while Seth
(Superman?) "romanced" her, all in an effort to gain access to
Llanfair, Jessica's home. Stealing an item of Viki's, Natalie had a DNA test performed and revealed herself as
Viki's true daughter. Allison, backing Natalie up, claimed the baby that she kidnapped as an infant was really
Natalie and the baby returned was Jessica. The disbelieving Buchanans ordered another DNA test, which
proved Natalie's claim. Viki and her family were forced to accept the abrasive Natalie, who slowly started to build
a relationship with her biological mother.

(Superman? Really?) feeling guilty over his many lies to Jessica, began to develop feelings for her.
Natalie was not happy with this, and set out to keep the two away from each other. She made many attempts to
cast Seth in a bad light, such as framing him for stealing from Break Bar. After catching Al Holden walking (he
was faking a paralysis) she blackmailed him into helping her keep Seth and Jessica apart. During this time Natalie
grew close to Cristian Vega. The animosity between Jessica and Natalie continued and after an argument
Natalie accidentally pushed Jessica through a banister.

Natalie realized Seth loved Jessica and began to reform her manipulative ways, which started with her telling
Cristian that Al faked his paralysis, freeing Cristian to be with Al's wife Jen. As Cristian and Natalie's
friendship deepened, the two began to develop feelings for each other.

Niki Smith, one of Viki's alternate personalities, resurfaced and began to alienate Natalie. Niki wanted to be
clear of Viki's familial obligations and started to gaslight Natalie into making her believe that she had Dissociative
Identity Disorder and had pushed Viki's husband Ben out a window. Al took advantage of this opportunity to
make Jen believe that Cristian and Natalie's friendship had developed into something more. Al set fire to Jen's
room and framed Natalie, blaming it on her "blackouts."

By this time, Natalie and Cristian were in love. Jen overheard them voicing their feelings and attempted to get
pregnant. Desperate, Jen slept with Al, got pregnant and passed off the baby as Cristian's. Duty bound to
Jen, Cristian told Natalie they could not be together. A devastated Natalie sought emotional comfort with
mysterious Michael Lazarus. As Jen and Cristian prepared to wed, a vulnerable Natalie agreed to Michael's
demand that they marry.

Natalie and Michael married, and soon after Cristian revealed to Natalie that Jen had miscarried. He pledged his
love for Natalie, revealing he couldn't go through with marrying Jen. Michael told Natalie that he wouldn't allow
her a divorce or annulment and revealed his real identity-Mitch Laurence! The Buchanans were shocked,
especially when the truth came out that Mitch had drugged and raped Viki and was Jessica's natural father! Mitch
revealed to Natalie that he was responsible for sending her to live with Roxanne while she was still an infant.

Mitch made Natalie's life hell. He threatened to have Cristian killed unless Natalie slept with him. Natalie refused
and Mitch almost raped her, but Cristian and Viki came to the rescue. The danger posed by Mitch subsided, and
Natalie got the marriage annulled. Deeply in love, Natalie accepted Cristian's wedding proposal. Natalie
struggled to overcome the disapproval of Carlotta, Cristian's mother, while living with Cristian on a limited
budget. The couple was elated when Viki gave them a surprise wedding surrounded by family and friends.

Natalie's natural talent for billiards became evident when she got a job at Crossroads bar. She began playing
professionally and came to the attention of John McBain
(Oh Goody I was waiting for this part). John
approached Natalie claiming to be a scout for pool tournaments and recruited her into playing a large tournament
in Vegas. Natalie agreed and did not realize that John was really a front man for Flynn Laurence, the crime lord
brother of Mitch.

At the tournament, Flynn ordered John to have Natalie throw the game. John approached Natalie, but she
chose to defy John's orders and was kidnapped by Flynn. John then revealed his true identity to Cristian-he
was an FBI agent working undercover to bust Flynn. Cristian and John rescued Natalie, but Cristian went
after Flynn and was presumed dead.

A devastated Natalie returned to Llanview, where John soon moved after being placed on a serial killer case.
John and Natalie slowly developed a friendship, and bonded on their mutual losses. It turned out that John had
also lost someone from his past: his fiancée,
Caitlin (we NEVER cared). When the serial killer made an
attempt on Natalie's life, John was there to save her. Natalie soon realized that her feelings for John went
beyond friendship, but neither was ready to move on from the deaths of their loved ones. John became even more
determined to catch the killer when he learned the same man was responsible for Caitlin's
(we NEVER cared)
murder. It turned out Professor Stephen Haver, who had been a consultant on the case, was actually the killer.
He kidnapped Natalie and almost killed her before John rescued her. The trauma only brought the two closer.

Natalie continued to fall for John, and just when she felt they'd made advancement in their relationship, Kathryn
Fitzgerald came to town. Kathryn had worked with John in the FBI, and also happened to be Caitlin's
NEVER cared)
sister. Natalie sensed the deep history between these two, and instantly became jealous. She
began spending time with Paul Cramer.
(Ick) John immediately disapproved of Natalie's relationship with Paul,
but she paid no heed to his warnings.
(DAMN IT Natalie)

Natalie went on a trip to Atlantic City with Paul, and had a run in with John. Natalie realized her heart was in the
wrong place, and confronted John about her feelings. The two nearly made love, but Natalie stopped things
when she realized he was not yet over Caitlin
(we still NEVER cared).  When Natalie left to find Paul, she
found his hotel room empty and blood on the floor. The FBI declared Paul missing, and Natalie was a prime
suspect in his murder. Kathryn, the FBI agent on the case, was especially accusatory of Natalie. John was
supportive, and did not believe Natalie capable of murder. Luckily, Paul turned up alive and it was proven Natalie
had nothing to do with his disappearance.

Natalie forged ahead in her relationship with Paul when she learned John had started dating Evangeline
Williamson. Natalie experienced strong resistance from her family when it came to her relationship with Paul. She
resented Viki & Jessica's disapproval, and felt they assumed Paul was only after her money. She set out to prove
everyone wrong, and decided to place all of her money in trust for her future children.

Natalie came to the realization that her relationship with Paul wasn't working, and broke up with him. Her feelings
for John still present, Natalie admitted to John that she never stopped loving him. Despite his unresolved
feelings, John remained with Evangeline. Paul harassed Natalie for money, and the two had a violent
confrontation which left Natalie knocked out. Soon after, Paul was murdered, and all evidence pointed to
Natalie as the culprit. Matters were further complicated when Natalie hired Evangeline as her lawyer. Natalie
came clean with John about the night Paul was murdered, and her statement along with further evidence cleared
her of the crime.

Natalie was stunned when she received a note in Cristian's handwriting, asking her to go to the Buchanan
Lodge. She was elated when she came face to face with Cristian, who she had thought dead for the past year.
The two had a happy reunion and Cristian explained he was held prisoner on a ship since the showdown in Las
Vegas. Natalie grew worried when Cristian joined forces with Antonio to bring down Tico Santi, who was
responsible for Cristian's supposed death. Luckily, Cristian survived a blow out with Tico, and Tico later died
when his life support was mysteriously unplugged.

Natalie continued to struggle with unresolved feelings
(It’s Love DAMN IT) for John. She kept from
Cristian that she had grown close with John during his time away, knowing Cristian's resentment towards him.
She began noticing strange behavior from Cristian: he was plagued with a faulty memory and displayed
temperamental, violent outbursts. Natalie was convinced that Cristian was suffering from post traumatic stress
disorder, and promised to stand by him despite warnings from Jessica and John. Unbeknownst to Natalie,
Cristian was responsible for the murder of Tico Santi, and was haunted by flashbacks of a mysterious voice
ordering him to kill someone he loved. As Cristian's condition worsened, Natalie called upon John for help. John
began to suspect that Cristian was an imposter. Natalie refused to believe her husband was dead, so she agreed
to get John a DNA sample to prove herself right.

Before the results came in, Cristian's mysterious programming prompted him to attempt to kill Antonio. Natalie
talked him out of it, and Cristian admitted that he had killed Tico, and was not Cristian. He was a stranger with
amnesia who had been given plastic surgery and programmed to assume Cristian's life and kill Antonio. Before
being sent to prison, this Cristian told a crushed Natalie that he had fallen in love with her. The DNA results
came in, which indicated the imposter really was Cristian, suffering from amnesia. To spare Natalie the pain of a
husband imprisoned for life, Cristian asked John to keep the truth from her, allowing her to mourn Cristian and
move on. John agreed and Natalie remained unaware her husband was alive.

After suffering the loss of Cristian for a second time, Natalie was determined to pursue her feelings for John.
Her new job at the police station placed the two in close proximity, and Natalie saw signs that John still cared
about her.
(People on Mars saw signs)

John's feelings for Natalie proved true on two occasions where she was almost killed by The Killing Club killer.
Natalie plotted to trap the killer by recreating one of the murders in the book, but the plan backfired when the
killer caught her off guard. John was able to save her in time, and confessed to Natalie that he could not lose
another person he loves. John's use of the L word proved to Natalie that he was in love with her. Natalie was
even more encouraged when she found out that John and Evangeline ended their romance.

The Killing Club killer kidnapped Natalie and Evangeline, and John worked around the clock to find them. The
killer tied Natalie and Evangeline to two stakes at opposite sides of a gym, and set the kindlings below them on
fire. Seeing that Natalie was struggling with consciousness, John saved her, then Evangeline. While his back was
turned, the killer snatched Natalie and kept her imprisoned in a pit. John caught the killer, Hayes Barber, but
Hayes wouldn't give up Natalie's location. John continued to search for Natalie, who struggled to stay alive.
With the help of Evangeline, John found and rescued Natalie from the pit. Natalie made a quick recovery. She
and John became a true couple and Natalie was blissful.

Natalie was unaware John was haunted by the secret he was keeping about Cristian. Cristian came upon new
evidence that could free him for Tico's murder by proving he had been brainwashed. Cristian hired Evangeline to
get him out of prison. Unaware of the true circumstances, Natalie was furious with Evangeline for defending
"John Doe." Shortly after, John and Cristian were trapped in a riot at Statesville prison. When Cristian was
nearly shot, Evangeline blurted to Natalie that Cristian was really Cristian, and not "John Doe" as Natalie
thought. She also revealed that John had known the entire time and kept it from Natalie. The riot was quelled
and Cristian eventually freed. Natalie was furious with both John and Cristian for lying to her, and told them she
never wanted to see either of them again. She tried to initiate divorce proceedings against Cristian, but he
refused to allow it, promising to fight for Natalie.

Cristian and Natalie clashed, especially when she discovered he had taken up boxing to earn a living. Eventually it
became clear to the two that things would not work out, so they amicably divorced. John and Natalie's attraction
remained strong, and they grew closer as she helped him solve the cold case of his father's murder. Natalie
discovered that David Vickers was responsible for killing John's father and shared this with John. Immediately
after, a tornado hit Llanview and Natalie was gravely injured. John saved Natalie's life, and the romantic feelings
between them came to the surface.
(Oh Yeah they were hiding them so well) Sneaking out of the hospital,
Natalie followed John to Thailand where they found David, along with Margaret Cochran (the woman whose
supposed murder Todd had been framed for). Together, the foursome raced back to Llanview to stop Todd's

With Margaret in custody, John's determination to arrest Spencer grew. Natalie supported John as he built a
case against Spencer. When he found the gun that killed his father amongst Spencer's possessions, John was
able to arrest him. With Spencer caught, John was at peace and seemed ready to move on with Natalie. Shortly
after, Natalie was devastated when she got news that John had been killed in interstate pile-up.

Vincent Jones, Cristian's former manager, supported Natalie and the two developed a friendship. Vincent
realized that John was not dead, but unconscious in the hospital, swathed with bandages. He had been
misidentified as Hugh Hughes. Vincent told Natalie, who got proof that the man in bandages was John. John's
bandages were removed and he reunited with Natalie.

Tensions soon flared between the couple.
(No idea WHY?) John hated hospitals and resisted taking his
medicine, which made him loopy. Realizing how precious his health was, Natalie was on his case about taking better
care of himself, and went as far as drugging him with his medicine when he wouldn't take it. John was furious, and
the trust between them started to wane. This wasn't helped by John's growing friendship with Marty
(Who SUCKED) whom Natalie felt John confided in more than her.

When Spencer Truman was murdered, Natalie found John---dazed and prone to violence because of his
medicine. She suspected John killed Spencer, and entered the crime scene under the auspices of her forensic
training program. She found fibers that could link John to the crime scene, so she secretly removed them and thus
contaminated the scene. She kept this from John (who didn't kill Spencer) and when he found out, he was furious
with her. Guilt ridden Natalie confessed to Bo before she could inform John of her actions, putting John in a
bad light and widening the gap between them.

Natalie and John worked hard to repair their relationship, but things had been changed between them. When
Natalie misinterpreted a situation to believe that John was about to propose to her, she pre-empted him and said
yes. John was forced to tell her he wasn't going to ask her to marry him. Realizing that things had permanently
changed between them, Natalie amicably broke up with John. She started a job at Buchanan Enterprises,
hopeful that it would give her a fresh start…
…Dumbest Breakup EVER